22nd September 2015

3 Tips To Attract More Women to Your Auto Shop

wifi_shopWhenever a women has to stop whatever she’s doing and take care of the car, it’s an inconvenience. Considering she has a thousand things to do, places to go and people to see, going to the repair shop or dealership is almost always untimely, so here are 3 quick tips to create a woman friendlier environment.

  1. Make sure she has access to Wi-Fi. If she’s sitting in your lobby, help her to get her work done, take care of chores, do some research, hence make use of her day. If you haven’t already installed the guest wi-fi, put that on your to-do-right-away list.
  2. Make sure your waiting room is a suitable place to sit. So you’re a small business auto repair shop or dealer. We get it? But if you’re catering to women or want to appeal to them, you have to work on the aesthetics. Just because you’re okay working in a dark, grimy shop you call home 6 or 7 days a week, doesn’t mean she is. Go ahead, splurge on some paint, recover that couch and brighten up those walls. She’ll feel better about being there and is more likely to come back.
  3. Hire Some Women!  There are a few auto part stores that have caught on to this. Although they’re still ultra male, at least they have female staff. And no, it’s not a gender thing, it’s really just about relate ability. Talking shop may not be the most natural language for a women, but having another woman to talk that language to sure makes a difference.
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    Really helpful and amazing tips. Thanks

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