20th August 2013

Why Women Name Their Cars

Surprisingly women tend to have a pretty close relationship with their cars. In fact some research says approximately 56 percent of women admit to having given their cars a name compared with 40 percent of male car owners. That’s interesting, don’t you think?

Meet Azul

Meet Azul

Why is it that women name their cars? It’s all about relationships, connections, and bonding with her car. For a busy woman, and that’s any woman, single, married, and/or with kids, her car is an extension of who she is. But not only that, her car is that constant companion that gets her to work and back, helps her run her errands, and ensures she’s always ready when she’s called upon or needed. It’s an ongoing relationship of give and take and one in which many women have established a bond.

A woman’s car is something she relies on intrinsically, like a trusted and dear friend.

Do you name your car?

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8th July 2013

What Happens When Lightening Strikes?

Imagine its 11 p.m. You’re at home with your family and all of a sudden someone comes banging on your door yelling . . . your car is on fire!

Two hours later you’re left with this.
Car hit by lightening

While this is certainly an unusual and uncommon situation it can and did happen. Now all of a sudden you become thrust into the car buying market, totally unexpected. Now what?

You’ve made it through your mishap and everyone is alright. Thank goodness, but now the tension and frustration begins along with the anxiety as you consider the aftermath.

So what do you do?

Step 1: Breathe. Sure there’s a lot to do, you need your transportation, you have things scheduled but panicking won’t help you.

Step 2: Take care of your business. Regardless of what got you into this position, they’re probably some things you need to take care of, contacting the insurance company for example. Get all the pertinent business out the way so you can clear your head and think.

Step 3: Figure out your temporary transportation plan. You won’t be rushing out to get your next car tomorrow, but in the meantime you will need some transportation, so go ahead and figure that out.

Step 4: Start asking some questions. You have to figure out your next move as it relates to buying a car so you need to figure out what you want and need.

Step 5: Begin your research, then narrow your focus based on your findings.

Step 6: Start your search online, then offline. Here are some options.

Step 7: Ask yourself: Am I ready to buy? This chart will help.

Step 8: Do you feel informed, in control and ready to buy? Then go for it!!

Step 9: Don’t forget to grab our FREE car buying guide, 10 Mistakes Women make when Buying a Car and review all the great articles we have for you at www.car-buy-her.com!

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18th March 2013

Why Did You Buy Your Last Car?

We love cars! They get us to where we need to go and they come in all types, sizes, shapes, colors and speed. When it comes to buying a car, there are a lot of reasons to get excited. But buying the car you want and buying the car you need are two different things. When you get too excited and get caught in buying the car you want you may find yourself in the same position far sooner than you anticipated.

So we ask, why did you buy your last car? A recent study by JD Power offers 10 Reasons Why Individuals Choose Specific Vehicles.

What do you think made the list and why? It may not be the things you thought. We’ll give you a hint —– here are the Top 5:

1) Reliability/Durability
2) Interior Comfort
3) Exterior Styling
4) Gas Mileage
5) Quality of Workmanship

Check out the rest of the article to see what rounded out the Top 10.

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13th March 2013

Driving In the Rain Is a Mess!

Rain, rain, go away, come back another day.

Maybe you remember saying that as a child. As children, this was our wish because there was nothing like a rainy day to spoil all the fun of playing outside. And as if I hadn’t aged a bit, I feel almost the same way today. I’ll be honest, I don’t like it when it rains. Sure I understand the need for the rain, but let’s face it, this is an automotive blog not an environmental one. And the fact is, driving in the rain is not only a hassle, it can be a hazard if you’re not careful.

People don’t drive well in the rain, well at least where I’m from they don’t. The problem is no one seems to notice that it’s raining, which means they don’t slow down; they follow too closely and they break too suddenly. Everybody’s in a rush to get somewhere and it makes for a difficult time on the road.

Accidents are always more probable when its raining outside. So here are just a few tips for driving in the rain (and in one you’ll find the answer to this month’s FUN FACT).

1. Slow Down - This is a pretty simple tip and one of the easiest. Leave the house a few minutes earlier and take your time.

2. Watch Out for Puddles – Heavy puddles of water can sneak up on you and look pretty harmless, but they can really cause havoc if you’re not careful.

3. Maintain Distance from Other Cars – In other words, don’t follow too closely. You don’t won’t to cause an accident if you have to stop suddenly.

4. Make Sure Your Tires are in Good Condition – Tires are very important when maintaining safety on the road. Worn tires can be very dangerous in general but much more so in the rain.

5. Check your wiper blades. Can you imagine driving in the rain without these helpful gadgets? Just think what that would be like. Did you know that Windshield Wipers were invented by a woman. That’s right and her name is Mary Anderson.

Driving in the rain is a mess, but unavoidable. When you have to get out and drive in the rain , take heed to our tips and thank a woman that you can see out of the windshield!

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14th January 2013

Women Keep Your Tires Checked!

Over the last several months, I’ve heard several stories from women having car issues relating to tires. One had two incidences in a little over a month resulting in a blow out and then a flat tire — eeek!! What to do?! Tires are a big deal when it comes to road hazards so it’s important that we do our best to keep them properly maintained to ensure our safety on the road. We decided to round up an expert and see if she’d share some quick tips with us on tire maintenance and safety. This is a very quick video on a few simple things we can do to keep our tires in check.

Meet Mandy Miller with Tires by Mandy.

What are the biggest mistakes we make when it comes to tire maintenance?
Mandy: People in general neglect their tires. The most common thing we see is under and over inflating tires, not checking air pressure, not doing the proper maintenance as far as balancing, alignment and rotating them.

Why is tire pressure so important?
Mandy: Gas mileage, uneven tire wear and blow outs are factors that can occur if you don’t keep your air pressure checked.

How do you know how much air pressure to put in your tire?
Mandy: Any tire will tell you on the side of the tire. Most people make the mistake of going by their manual. I do not recommend that unless you have the factory tires still on your car. Always check. The side of the tire will have a max PSI. You should go by that.

How can you tell if tires are going bad?
Mandy: There’s really no surefire way to tell that a tire will go bad. The most important thing is probably vibration. If you start getting a shake, then you most likely have a bad tire, but sometimes a tire will blow out without any warning.

How often should you check air pressure, rotate tires and have an alignment?
Mandy: Check air pressure once a month, rotate and balance tires every 6 months and check alignment once a year.

What’s the most important safety tip?
Mandy: Keep your air pressure checked. Above all that’s the most important thing you can do. Visually check them and find a shop that you can trust.

Car-Buy-Her thanks Mandy Miller for sharing these great tips. Learn more about this Lady Mechanic in our Women in Automotive section.

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13th January 2013

Bringing Women Together to Talk Cars

Women Talking Cars

Women Talking Cars

There are a lot of gatherings where women have an opportunity to be inspired and empowered, but very few where the discussion revolves around cars. That’s probably because women and cars, well let’s just say they don’t go together as well as peanut butter and chocolate. As one set of sisters put it “cars are still anathema to us”. We’d have to concur that the idea of cars can be pretty darned frustrating sometimes and we want to do something about that! So we thought we’d bring a group of ladies together, connect over chocolate and car stories and get ourselves educated on a few things.

Ladies, it’s time to ease the car stress and take control of your car life! If you agree and happen to be in the Atlanta area, come join us for The Chocolate & Connections Car Clinic for Women. Bring your sister and your best girlfriend, your mom and your auntie as we’ll be sharing everything from how to buy to maintenance, financing and credit. So you really want to be there.

BTW – Can you do us a favor and tell a friend?! Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon. Oh and what’s your favorite type of chocolate?

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12th February 2009


1. The wait is always longer than you want it to be.
2. The employees are nice but it’s rarely good news.
3. It’s always more wrong with your car than you thought.
4. Watching Oprah in the waiting room doesn’t soften the blow.
5. The cost for the work is always more than you thought.
6. The job always takes more than a day.
7. When you describe the problem the employee frowns and looks puzzled.
8. You don’t want to feel bad because you knew you should have brought the car in earlier.
9. You hate when you can’t answer the question, “when was your last tune-up?’
10. When they tell you what’s wrong, you don’t understand and have problems relaying the info.

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9th December 2008

Time for An Oil Change . . . Being a Good Steward of Car Maintenance

The sticker on my windshield says time for an oil change. It was left on my car from the last oil change by the nice auto repairman to remind me of the next time I needed the service. And he made it really easy for me to remember —– he left it in the upper left corner of the driver side window (kind of hard to miss). All I have to do is match the numbers on the sticker with the numbers on my odometer and that’s it.

So the numbers match and I’m taking my car in. Why? Because I want to be a good steward of car maintenance. There’s a good reason for that, too — I want my car to last and an oil change is a really simple car maintenance task — inexpensive, takes very little time and can add years of life to your car. The alternative, not being a regular oil changer can cause havoc with your engine and cost you thousands of dollars for the oversight.

Now is a great time to get a grip on your auto maintenance. To help you keep track of everything, we’ve partnered with myEZ Car Care, which offers the Electronic Glove Box, a great online tool that helps you keep track of everything with email reminders, vendor discounts and more.

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8th December 2008

10 Ways to Make Your Car Feel Like New

No wonder the auto industry is suffering. In an economy where people are losing their jobs and houses, not many folks are pulling out the dough to buy a new car. For those who are spending money, they’re more likely buying pre-owned versus new, at least until the economy becomes a bit more stable. If you happen to be one of the many that’s reining in on the spending, here are 10 ideas to get your current car looking and feeling like new.

1. Get your car detailed. There’s nothing like a good washing, inside and out, to get a car looking cleaner, smelling fresher and feeling more enjoyable to ride in.

2. Have your car waxed. Aaah, the shine.

3. Purchase new seat covers. Yeah, just think, with new seat covers you can change the color and the feel of your car and you can do it for little of nothing.

4. Buy an air freshener. A clean smelling car is always nice and if you like the new car smell that’s available too.

5. Replace the floor mats.

6. Install a new disc player.

7. Get a paint job. Nothing like a new color to give a car a new look. Try coordinating the colors with the interior.

8. Get a tune-up. You’d be amazed at how different your car feels and how different you feel in your car when it’s running properly.

9. Get some new tires. Same here. New tires give a car a totally different feel. You’ll thoroughly enjoy your smoother ride.

10. Get a new friend. Yeah, change out your passengers and enjoy some new conversation!

Happy riding.

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5th December 2008

Will the Big 3 Car Manufacturers get a $34 Billion Dollar Christmas Gift?

I don’t know what’s on your Christmas list, but I can tell you what’s on the ‘Big 3’s” — $34 billion dollars worth of bailout money. Two weeks ago the “money elves” sent them home with little more than a request for a better detailed “Christmas List”, namely a clearer understanding of just how they
would be using this money.

There is no doubt the auto companies are in trouble and they have been for quite some time. So now the question is will the government bail them out? Is this $34 Billiion dollars the gift they need to restructure their companies? Will they include a plan for making more fuel-efficient cars? Or will the CEO’s continue flying around in big jets?

What do you think — will the Detroit Big 3, get $34 Billion Dollars for Christmas?

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