28th July 2017

CBH Founder Chronicles Girls (Day) Trip to Tennessee

Jada Pinkett, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish have girlfriends across America thinking about and planning their next Girls Trip. Whether you’ve seen the movie (I haven’t) or not, the idea of gathering some of your besties and heading down the road to create your brand of adventure is enough to make any of us smile.

Recently, I took off down the road with one of my buddies on a fun-filled day trip to Tennessee as part of my birthday month celebration. While it wasn’t as wild and crazy as the antics I’ve heard about in Girls Trip, it was a day filled with laughter, adventure, and enjoyment.

Take a look:

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2nd May 2017

A Collapsed Bridge and a Thunderstorm Won’t Stop this Road Trip

Female Road Warrior

If you’re a female road warrior, you have to be ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice so you prepare and plan.

Plans aside, ________ (substitute as you want) happens, like a bridge collapse or uncharacteristic thunderstorms. And then sometimes the plan backfires or gets forgotten because serious road warriors have a lot of stuff going on. We’re hard to catch up with because we have things to do, lots of it. So when the conference agenda appeared in my email box, reminding me of all the goodness I’d be missing if I didn’t take advantage of an upcoming conference, it was time to get myself in full gear.


How long was the drive? Would I rent a car? Am I staying overnight? These were just a few of the impeding questions that needed to be answered. It’d take five hours round trip (considering the recent bridge collapse) so the answer was yes, let’s put those miles on someone else’s car. The plan was set and I was ready to go.


Except, this childless warrior forgot about Spring break week, which meant not only were rentals double the cost, but apparently Spring break parents had the same idea, hence rentals were not available, at least nearby, which meant opting for a car 15 miles out of the area.


That’s what happens when the plan isn’t followed.


Humph, a little inconvenience never hurt anyone, but a storm certainly could. The day the rental needed to be picked up a severe storm that turned into a tornado warning hit.

I was down to a few options:

(1) Risk picking up the rental and being caught in the storm
(2) Opt out, or
(3) Leave early the next morning, absence rental.

Which would it be?

After getting some input from a SMART man, the decision was #3, to drive, but that meant making sure the car was road-ready.

What do you need to get road ready? Here are 4 quick things to check before taking your next short road trip:


  1. Pop the hood and check the oil levels. Oil, that’s the lifeline for the engine. Make sure your levels are where they should be (somewhere in the middle of the low and full line). If you’ve had the benefit of a recent oil change, all the better.
  2. Coolant – We like it when it’s hot, but not if it’s our engine. Check the coolant level and make sure it’s at the level it should be. Review your owner’s manual to make sure you have the right kind for your car. If you’re like me, you keep a bottle handy in the trunk. Likewise, for oil.
  3. Do a walk around check. Grab your tire gauge and take a good look at those tires. Make sure they have enough air and that each has the same amount (within 2 lbs at least). You don’t want a shaky ride and having the right tire pressure also helps with gas mileage.
  4. Check those windshield wipers and washer. There’s nothing like driving down the road and splat, some big ball of yuk is all over your windshield. You’ll want to be able to get that off without pulling to the side of the road.


Now that you’ve completed these basics, you’re ready to go so pack your bags and have a safe and fun-filled trip.


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29th October 2016

10 Tips for a Safe Road Trip


It’s time a road trip! Who doesn’t love hitting the road with family or friends and traveling during the summer and holiday season? But before you buckle up, there are some rules of preparation to ensure your safety.

Tip #1 – Driving your own car? Make sure you get it serviced before you hit the road. Get a standard tune-up or any other services to make sure everything is in order.

Tip #2–  Pay special attention to the tires! Too much or too little air pressure can cause problems and increase mileage.

Tip 3 – Gas Up! – You never know what awaits you.

Tip 4 – Is your road service current? – Check with your insurance or your independent road service to make sure you understand what’s covered in case you have problems.

Tip 5 – Have an emergency kit in the car. Your emergency kit should have standard equipment such as water, flashlight, a gallon of oil, fix-a-flat, etc. (Take a look at this checklist)

Tip 6 – Have your cell phone charged and important contact numbers handy.

Tip 7 – No texting while driving! Pay attention to the road.

Tip 8 – Be observant. Stay cautious and be mindful of where you are.

Tip 9 –  Let someone know where you’re going. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, make sure someone else knows where you’re going.

Tip 10 – Don’t drive while tired. If you’re feeling tired or have been traveling for a long time, get off the road. Don’t put yourself or others in danger. Rotate driving duty or pull over if you are traveling alone.

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26th September 2016

Something Smells Like Rotten Eggs and It’s Not in Your Kitchen.

Ewwwhew! You’re rolling down the road minding your own business when you geggset a whiff of something foul. You do the quick sniff check. No it’s not you.

Did the kids leave their lunch in the car?” You quick check the back seat and nothing seems to be left behind. Yet something smells funky and you need to know what.

After careful investigation, you determine it is indeed coming from your car. You pop the hood and find the culprit.

There are a number of reasons why your car might be letting off a smell. Discovering what is causing the foul odor is the trick.

One reason (that you may not be familiar with  — it was news to us) is a bad car battery. Yep, smelling a rotten egg smell in your car could be the result of a bad battery. So we recommend you start there. Go down to your local auto parts store, mechanic or dealership and have them check out your battery. It could just be the very thing that has your nose in an uproar.

If it is indeed the battery, it’ll be a pretty quick and easy fix.
If not, make sure you to get to the bottom of the smell as it is definitely signaling a problem.


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25th May 2016

Women-in-Sales Spotted at the Car Dealership!

Good news! CBH is spotting more and more women in sales at the dealership. This is a change that has been long coming so there’s a lot to be excited about.

Women in sales at the dealership are important for many reasons, here are just a few:

  1. It shows that the industry is embracing diversity when it comes to talent. We’ve long known that women can sell cars, right? Women can sell anything, including broccoli and carrots to an uninterested toddler and a dream vacation for the family.
  2. Women want to see women at the dealership. Why? It makes us feel more welcome, more aligned, more synergistic, that’s all. It’s not a big deal, gentlemen. It just helps to level the playing field.
  3. It means that women are expanding their ideas about the types of industries that are appealing. This means we can continue to strip away at those old stereotypical ideas around who belongs in what careers and get on about the business of putting the best talent wherever it fits.———————

So, CBH is excited. It means the needle is moving. We’re not sure to which side. We’re just happy to see it move!

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3rd February 2016

Winner! Best Automotive or Car Blog

WinnerBest Automotive or Car Blog (1)

Auto Estrogen is pleased to have won the Black Weblog Award as the Best Automotive or Car Blog. And all the ladies say, Yeah!

Our goal is to keep you informed and in control as you navigate all the adventures that come along with being a woman on the road.

Thanks to our writing team, support staff and contributing writers.




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12th October 2015

Even a Diva Can Change a Car Battery

I Got This!

Hey ladies, have you ever taken a minute and thought, wouldn’t it be great if I could change a flat tire, replace the battery, or do my own oil change?

Of course you haven’t! Come on, as mundane tasks goes, we as women have enough on our plates already; the last thing we’re trying to become is the neighborhood mechanic.

I feel you! But after wasting an afternoon and evening waiting on my dear brother to come take care of my dead car battery; only to watch him drive up, take out a simple tool kit, unscrew two screws, lift out the old battery, put in the new battery, and then screw back the two screws — I thought — geez! I could have done that.

I have to be honest with you though, when it comes to being independent, I’m a bit of a maverick. My theory is: There are certain times when we should be feminine and cute, but then there are some times we just have to roll up our sleeves and say, “I got this”. The cool thing is the choice is ours.

I don’t know what type of woman you are, but the mere fact that you’re at this site reading this article says you have a little umph! in you. So if there’s ever a need, here are just a few things you need to know and have to change your battery:

1. Make, model and year of car (Find out if you have a top post or side post battery)
2. Where the battery is located in the car
3. Small tool kit with a socket wrench
4. A new battery (by the way ladies, batteries and alternators go hand in hand so if you’re at an automotive store, have them check both. You may need an alternator. A bad one can make the battery go dead).

That’s pretty much it. Once you have these things in place, you should be able to handle things from there. Okay, now go out and change that battery!

Side note – Ladies, if you’ve done something silly like left the lights on all night, left the radio running or something along those lines, then you most likely will just need to recharge the battery. A simple “jump”can do that so keep a pair of jumper cables in your car or better still, get a battery starter charger.

Once you’ve gotten a “jump, keep the car running for a few minutes before turning the car off and you should be set.

Please Read – This article will not take the place of expert technical advice and should not be viewed as such. If you have never popped the hood of your car and have no idea what a “socket wrench” is, then your best bet is to visit your neighborhood auto store, call roadside service or your favorite guy friend.

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22nd September 2015

3 Tips To Attract More Women to Your Auto Shop

wifi_shopWhenever a women has to stop whatever she’s doing and take care of the car, it’s an inconvenience. Considering she has a thousand things to do, places to go and people to see, going to the repair shop or dealership is almost always untimely, so here are 3 quick tips to create a woman friendlier environment.

  1. Make sure she has access to Wi-Fi. If she’s sitting in your lobby, help her to get her work done, take care of chores, do some research, hence make use of her day. If you haven’t already installed the guest wi-fi, put that on your to-do-right-away list.
  2. Make sure your waiting room is a suitable place to sit. So you’re a small business auto repair shop or dealer. We get it? But if you’re catering to women or want to appeal to them, you have to work on the aesthetics. Just because you’re okay working in a dark, grimy shop you call home 6 or 7 days a week, doesn’t mean she is. Go ahead, splurge on some paint, recover that couch and brighten up those walls. She’ll feel better about being there and is more likely to come back.
  3. Hire Some Women!  There are a few auto part stores that have caught on to this. Although they’re still ultra male, at least they have female staff. And no, it’s not a gender thing, it’s really just about relate ability. Talking shop may not be the most natural language for a women, but having another woman to talk that language to sure makes a difference.

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21st September 2015

Product Review (Video): Neat Little Tire Gadget Women will Love

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20th September 2015

Tire Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road (Video)

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